Holy Water at Gidakom

admin Buddha Dharma March 8, 2020

About the Holy Water at Gidakom

An extraordinary accomplishment of his eminence while in the retreat.

Many great boddhisatavas who retreats for many years accomplish enlightenment and it is said that through various auspicious signs they reveal of this. And likewise, our drupthob, who was still in the retreat and three months to go beyond has revealed already a few signs of his accomplishment of which we the followers mush cherish.

Uygen Pelri Lhakhang is located towards the other side of the river that flows below the Gidakom Hospital, and was where Rinpochoe retreated. It was here that the sacred blessing Druochu (holy water) has been discovered. The sacred behind the location of this Lhakhang is, it is said that during the 2nd visit of Guru Rinpochoe to BHUTAN, while travelling and blessing various places and in one of the occasions while he traveled back to Tibet, it is said that Guru Rinpochoe took the route.

On 30th may 2018, the time has come to reveal what Guru Rinpochoe had hidden for centuries. There was a dream like a vision to his eminence while in meditating posture where his eminence  found a beautiful place with garden of flowers and a holly water having been said to hide by Guru Rinpochoe which was to be discovered later for the benefit of all sentient being.

At the dawn, his eminence went in search of what was seen last night. Just a few meters away from the lhakhang, his eminence saw water streaming down from an unknown site fully covered by thick bushes. And as his eminence  followed unknown driven force to search for it hand eventually landed to a place resembling that of places in yester’s dream.

There, out in the huge buses and thick throns, his eminence discovered the holy water which was streaming out from an extraordinary stone a figuring like frog, which was fully under covered of leaves and thick bushes.

The stone symbolises a transformed Guru into frog holding sacred Holy water for the benefit of future sentient beings.

After the discover, in the same night his eminence saw a vision like a dream again,  riding himself on a big tortoise in an ocean and millions of people coming after him to get the blessings of the discovered holy water.

And on the same day, while his eminence and devotees were clearing the surroundings of holy water the next day, yet another was discovered dropping from a stone symbolizing transformed Khandro Yeshey Tshogyel into a tortoise facing towards Lhakhang.

On 4th July 2018, his eminence’s root Guru Dungsay Sonam Tashi Rinpochoe (alias Thonphu Rinpochoe) visited his eminence in the retreat and it was during this time that Drinchen Tsawailama visited the holy site of Druochu and further blessed with prayers for the drupchhu to remain un-disturbed for centuries to come. It was with great smile, his root guru, congratulated his eminence for the great accomplishment. Drinchen tshawai lama Khen khen noh…🙏

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