Message from His Eminence on the Eve of First Sermons

admin Buddha Dharma March 8, 2020

Message from His Eminence on the Eve of First Sermons

On the eve of 21st October, every daily scheduled at Simply BHUTAN were halted in preparing for the beautiful moment in every heart to happen. By the late 5pm, hundreds of devotees, disciple and patronages gathered and waited for his eminence to visit them.

And, soon the gatherings were blessed with the presence of his eminence. Every sound that rattled and scatter suddenly faded away. And has just become like a Cooper colored Monestary and as if everybody presented there were now enjoy their lives in heaven.

And as the time passes by, religious discourses were pronounced and as the gathering started to hear from his eminence of the recitation, initiations and preaching, all begun to sob so sweetly of their happiness and privilege of having hearing from his eminence.

Besides, all were reminded time and again to let go of their wrong doing and selfless sacrifices. Everything we do, we must do it within form one’s heart and wholeheartedly must do it for the sentient being.

May our deeds always accumulate boundless merits!

Thanks a lot Star Victory for the photo coverage.

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